New Volkswagen Chassis Readies Vehicles for Autonomous Driving

New Volkswagen Chassis Readies Vehicles for Autonomous Driving

Modern vehicles are digital products as much as they are mechanical ones. They rely heavily on precise software and computerized systems to operate effectively. That’s why Volkswagen has been busy developing cutting-edge software-driven technologies for its models.

Recently, the automaker shared how it’s been expanding its driving systems by creating a revolutionary new chassis and a new steering system. The new Volkswagen chassis aims to use software to improve comfort and stability on the road for all future-generation models in its lineup by reducing the body’s pitching and rolling movements.

This software will also allow future Volkswagen models to operate without the need for physical inputs from the driver via the steering column. The automaker’s new steering system it is developing uses operating processes to control the vehicle without the need for immediate, constant human involvement.

These software-centric innovations are part of the company’s ACCELERATE strategy to achieve safer, more efficient driving performance from its electric cars and gas-powered models. Autonomous operation is fundamental to the future of the automotive industry, and Volkswagen aims to be at the forefront of this advancement.

Although this technology hasn’t been launched in current production models here at Gossett Volkswagen of Germantown, you can still find plenty of new vehicles at our dealership that use the automaker’s semi-autonomous safety systems and driving assistance software.

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