Winter Car Care Tips for Volkswagen Drivers

Winter Car Care Tips for Volkswagen Drivers

While winter doesn’t get as brutal here in Memphis as it does in other states, the season can still be cold and windy — especially at night. The change in seasons is a good time to ensure your car is up to date on its maintenance and ready for whatever winter has in store.

Check the Battery

With temperatures dipping down to the low 30s in January and February, your Volkswagen will face potentially freeze-level chills this winter — especially if you park your car outside. That could cause your car battery’s cranking power to drop and potentially lose its charge altogether.

Check the charge level on a regular basis, use a battery warmer if you park it outside, and buy a new battery if it’s four or more years old.

Change the Oil

Another way that cold nights in Memphis can brutalize your car is by straining the engine. Motor oil thickens as temperatures drop, which will be compounded if the oil has already become a thick, contaminated sludge. Make sure the motor oil is clean and able to flow smoothly, and check all hoses, gaskets, and fluid levels under the hood while you’re at it.

If these winter car care tips reminded you that your Volkswagen needs a checkup, oil change, or other importance service task, schedule an appointment with Gossett Volkswagen of Germantown.

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