Best Places to Drive Your VW in Tennessee

Best Places to Drive Your VW in Tennessee

We count ourselves lucky to live in such a beautiful state as the Volunteer State, and driving a Volkswagen to celebrate its beauties is an activity we enjoy. Here are few of the best places to drive your VW in Tennessee.

Little River Road

You do not have to travel far off the road to witness a wonder of nature. Meigs Falls is viewable from Little River Road.

Sequatchie Valley Scenic Byway

The path of the Sequatchie Valley Scenic Byway combines natural beauty and historic towns that will take you back in time. You will witness Walden’s Ridge and Cumberland Plateau. South Pittsburg and Dunlap are unique towns along the way.

The Tail of the Dragon

The name suggests a magical experience, and the Tail of the Dragon astounds with 11 miles peppered with twists and 318 curves. You will explore the east Tennessee Mountains when you start the journey in Deal’s Gap, Tennessee.

Great River Road

When you embark on Great River Road (Highway 61 in Tennessee), you are following in the footsteps of musical legends such as BB King and Elvis Presley, so be sure to turn up the radio in their honor. Also known as the “Blues Highway,” it crosses the lines of 10 states.

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