Spring Car Care Tips for Your Volkswagen

Spring Car Care Tips for Your Volkswagen

We’re finally coming out the other side of winter, and the weather is warming up all across Memphis. As the temperatures rise and the rain showers become more frequent, though, it’s important to prepare your car with some spring car maintenance. Here are some spring car care tips that will help your vehicle stay in tiptop shape all year round.

Spring clean your car. Whether it’s salt from the snow we got this winter or just mud on your carpets from your shoes, your car is likely mucky after the cold season. Make sure you you’re your car a thorough exterior wash, and consider waxing it after you’re done to help preserve its paint job. Also, clear out any litter and vacuum your interior.

Check your car’s tires. Tire pressure changes as the temperature rises, so you should check it regularly to make sure it stays within your vehicle’s recommended range. You should also keep an eye on your tire tread to ensure you get solid traction during spring showers, and bring your vehicle in for service if it looks like they’re balding.

Change out your windshield wipers. Cold temperatures, ice, and snow can do a number on your windshield wipers. Change them out in preparation for more rainfall, since they are likely worn, cracked, or damaged after the rough winter we had.

If you’d like to take the work and worry out of keeping your car in good shape, schedule a service appointment at Gossett VW of Germantown in Memphis, Tennessee. Our expertly-trained technicians will ensure your ride is ready for spring and beyond.

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