Shoppers Still Prefer Black and White Car Colors

Shoppers Still Prefer Black and White Car Colors

Black, white, and grey seem to be the color scheme of most new cars. The color, white, for example ranked as the most popular neutral hue last year. Silver and black followed close behind. Opting for monochrome vehicles has been a decade-long trend for drivers, but researchers think a change might be on the horizon.

“Today, variations of white, black, gray and silver make up over half of the market, leaving just 21 percent of cars sold in 2020 in the red, green or blue family. Americans reportedly favor the color black for luxury vehicles, and gray has replaced silver for all vehicles due to its perception as a more upscale and modern color,” according to Volkswagen.

The color designers at Volkswagen pull inspiration from many sources, using the color goal to drive their project. The color designers use their color palette to better serve their customer’s needs, which can fluctuate based on a myriad of factors.

“Working in the color world, I learned that Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America have very distinct color preferences,” said Volkswagen Senior Color and Trim Designer Jung Lim “Limmy” Park. “Color preferences really reflect the unique social and cultural trends and even geography [of a region].” Get a closer look at the colorful lineup of Volkswagen models at Gossett VW of Germantown in Memphis, Tennessee.

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