Celebrating 70 Years of Volkswagen in America

Celebrating 70 Years of Volkswagen in America

In 2019, Volkswagen celebrated its 70th anniversary in the United States with a unique showcase of VW models new and old at the LA Auto Show. What does 70 Years of Volkswagen in America look like? Keep reading for just a small glimpse…

Humble Beginnings: The VW Beetle — known then as the Volkswagen Type 1 — was initially brought to New York City in 1949 by the enterprising Ben Pon. Though it initially took him two months to sell the Beetles to Americans skeptical of the small, soon-to-be iconic car, Volkswagen had firmly established its place in the USA by 1955 with the creation of the coalition of dealers known as Volkswagen of America.

Cultural Icons: Over time, Volkswagen’s unique vehicles were cemented in America through depictions in popular culture. The VW Bus is emblematic of the Woodstock era, while the VW Beetle is a carefree symbol of youth and nostalgia. The Dasher, Scirocco, and Rabbit eventually broadened VW’s impressive lineup.

Automotive Time Machine: In celebration of Volkswagen’s 70 years in America, a special anniversary drive at the LA Auto Show included beloved classic models side-by-side with their newest iterations. The 1949 Beetle, 1979 Super Beetle, the 1998 New Beetle, and the current 2019 Beetle all appeared together alongside other favorites like the Thing, the Dasher, and the Mk1 Jetta.

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