Volkswagen “Drive Bigger” Ad Campaign Celebrates Dedication to the Future

Volkswagen “Drive Bigger” Ad Campaign Celebrates Dedication to the Future

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With the “Drive Bigger” ad campaign, Volkswagen showcases its dedication to the greater good, committing itself to environmentally friendly innovation, global responsibility, and industry leadership in the years to come. The multi-platform ad campaign debuted this summer to a global audience, demonstrating to the world the brand’s commitment to ensuring that the world is a better place for our future generations.

The first Volkswagen ad spot was titled “Something Big” and depicted what “Drive Bigger” is all about. The new campaign celebrates individuals, organizations, and businesses that make meaningful contributions to their communities. For Volkswagen, this means the global community, and the automaker has committed itself to a bold carbon-neutral pledge by 2050.

As the senior vice president of marketing, Volkswagen of America, stated about “Drive Bigger,” “It’s a public declaration of a long-term vision for Volkswagen that calls to a higher purpose, and challenges us all, Volkswagen very much included, to move beyond just self-interest and to consider something bigger.”

The ad spot invites the viewer to consider something as “big” — like a busy subway train — and then to consider something as “bigger” — like a person giving up their seat on the subway to someone who needs it. 

In addition, Volkswagen donated a portion of its “Drive Bigger” ad time to America SCORES, which is a “nationwide soccer and language-arts non-profit that inspires urban youth to lead healthy lives, be engaged students, and have the confidence and character to make a difference in the world.” With such partnerships and bold commitments, Volkswagen is laying the path forward and showing how it can have “a positive impact on society and the world at large.”

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