Tips for Safe Driving in the Rain

Tips for Safe Driving in the Rain

safe driving in the rain

Spring tends to bring a lot of rain, so now is a great time to refresh yourself on safe driving practices for rainy days and wet roads. Whether you’re a new driver or a seasoned one, keeping in mind these tips for driving in the rain can help you prevent an unneeded headache.

Go slow. Taking it a bit slower in the rain will reduce your chance of hydroplaning and skidding, and it gives you more time to brake when you need to.

Avoid slamming on the brakes. Brakes don’t stop as quickly on wet roads as they do when it’s dry out. Brake slowly or, if possible, just ease to a stop — if you brake hard, you can easily go into a skid and lose control.

Leave plenty of follow distance. Because brakes aren’t as effective on wet roads, you can’t rely on even the typical recommended following distance to leave you enough space to stop. Double the space between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead of you to give yourself and your vehicle more time to react.

Turn on your headlights. Even if it’s not dark out, rain reduces visibility, especially when it’s coming down like cats and dogs. Turn on your lights so that you can see better, and so that other drivers can see you.

These tips should help you out when the sky opens up this spring. For all of your spring vehicle maintenance and service needs, stop into Gossett Volkswagen of Germantown.

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