How to Avoid Aggressive Driving

How to Avoid Aggressive Driving

How To Avoid Aggressive Driving - Gossett VW Germantown - Memphis, TN

We’ve all encountered drivers who tailgate, speed, or run red lights, and most of us have probably done one or more of these things ourselves. These all qualify as prime examples of aggressive driving, which is any intentionally unsafe behavior on the road. In celebration of Aggressive Driving Awareness Month, here are some tips to help you avoid aggressive driving and stay safer on the road.

Avoid Aggressive Behaviors

Even if you’re running late, it’s important to follow the rules and drive courteously on the road. This means avoiding aggressive behaviors like tailgating, weaving in and out of lanes, flashing your brights at other drivers, or running red lights. Don’t let your stress influence the way that you drive.

Practice Safe Habits

Replace hurried, aggressive habits with safe ones. Always use a turn signal when turning or changing lanes, make room for other cars to merge, and approach crosswalks slowly and cautiously. If you find that you’re running late pretty often, try leaving 10 minutes earlier.

Avoid Escalating Behaviors

Do not respond to aggressive driving with aggressive driving. If someone cuts you off or makes a rude gesture at you, remember not to take it personally and do not react. Avoid making eye contact with aggressive drivers, and only use your horn lightly when needed to get another driver’s attention. If you ever feel in danger, call 911 and try to drive to a public place.

Join us at Gossett Volkswagen Germantown in committing to a safer, smarter way of driving this Aggressive Driving Awareness Month.

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