Volkswagen Atlas SUV Could Share Platform With Pickup

Volkswagen Atlas SUV Could Share Platform With Pickup

A Volkswagen pickup? The idea is less farfetched than you’d think. For 2017, Volkswagen recently introduced the all-new Volkswagen Atlas SUV, a sleek and sturdy entry into the SUV segment. However, where there’s an SUV, there’s always potential for a truck – and with the introduction of the Atlas, VW is giving itself the opportunity to take the Atlas platform and transform it into a unibody pickup truck similar to the award-winning Honda Ridgeline.

While currently nothing is set in stone, Volkswagen of North America’s chief engineering office Matthew Erb revealed to the press that the company is exploring the possibility of creating a pickup out of the Atlas. The same way the Honda Ridgeline is based on its SUV cousin the Honda Pilot, the Volkswagen pickup would share VW’s MQB platform and powertrain options with the new Atlas.

As of the moment, according to Volkswagen representatives, the company isn’t committed to producing a pickup truck out of the Volkswagen Atlas SUV and bringing the model to US buyers. However, they aren’t dismissing the possibility, even going so far as to say they’d consider creating a more rugged, body-on-frame truck as well, albeit not a full-size option that would compete with the Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado, and Ram pickup. In the meantime, enthusiasts are waiting to hear more info on the potential VW truck.

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